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Olive Kombat Double Rifle Bag

The olive double rifle bag from Kombat is a zip-open gun slip type bag with fully enclosed foam padding on both sides, and in the middle. The bag has two separate zip open compartments of the same size, and the middle is also padded with the same grade and thickness foam padding as used on the outside. This effectively eliminates rubbing together of the rifle surfaces when carried today. The bag is made from tough Oxford 600D Nylon, and lined internally with closely woven nylon fabric which is easy to brush down and wipe clean. The gun bag has two web-strap handles which are sewn down onto the body of the bag around the sides and underneath the bag to ensure secure carry. The bag is also fitted with two attachment points for the length adjustable shoulder strap which is included.The bag will accept a scoped rifle, and is approximately 123cm long and 30cm wide at its widest point. The zip from the bottom of the gun bag at the buttstock end, to to approximately 3/4 of the length of the top seam. A small, expandable, zip open pocket is located on the right hand side of the bag. The picture shows a scoped AICS rifle with 22" barrel inside the bottom compartment, and scoped MP5 inside the top compartment. Please note these are for illustrative purposes only and do not come with the bag.

Will fit a Dragunov Sniper Rifle at 121cm - just!

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large image no1

The right side of the bag, showing the zip pocket.

large image no2

A detailed view of the bag showing the AICS scoped rifle with 33" barrel on the bottom and a scoped MP5 on top. The bag would also fit two AICS rifles side by side. Due to the tapered nature of the bag, rifles fitted with forend grips will not fit.

large image no3
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What our customers say about this product:

Double gun bag will comfotably take a full bore rifle with 24 inch barrel/large scope and bipod which is what it has been designed to do .Its an ideal bag for any gamekeeper / vermin controller as you can take two rifles or rifle /shotgun. Quality of workmanship is good and it has been well thought out with a side pocket for ammunition for 20 its a good buy . I would like to see a more uprated model for sale with heavy duty zips and cordura outer with wider straps but that would cost more . - Submitted by STEPHEN HARRISON

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