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Smith Elite Tactical Glasses AEGIS Eyeshield

The Smith Elite series is made in the USA and designed to exceed US ANSI Z87.1-2003 and CE EN166 requirements for ballistic protection. The Smith Elite AEGIS tactical eyeshields goggles are made to MIL-PRF-31013 specifications and have been presented to the UK MoD for review for 2010. The AEGIS tactical glasses offer excellent ballistic protection in a shooting glasses format with a lower profile for easier and faster target acquisition. With a simplified frame and nosepiece, the AEGIS eyeshields offer an excellent field of view which is virtually uninhibited throughout the full peripheral and optimum viewing angle. For quick lens interchange, the AEGIS ballistic glasses utilise Smith's exclusive PivLock Lens changing technology which permits the lens to be levered out and released from the frame with a special pivoting arm located on left and right. Airflow active ventilation channel extracts are during activity. The lenses are anti-fog and scratch resistance coated and offer 100% protection from harmful UVA/UVB/UVC rays. The shooting glasses fit to the face with Megol temples which clip around the temples and have a soft nose to hold eyeshield in place. The AEGIS eyeshield kit comes with clear and smoke lens, nosepiece, frame and temple, carrying case with carabiner and booklet. The glasses can be internally fitted with an optional prescription lens insert which is interchangeable between the OTW, OTW Turbofan and AEGIS glasses system. 3.3mm thick lenses are tapered for distortion free optics. Spare lenses come inside no-fog cleaning cloth. The colours available are Black, Tan and Foliage Green (ACU). Please note that price is for one eyeshield kit only.

Available options are: ACU (Army Combat Uniform), Black , Tan .

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The field kit includes frame, nosepiece, clear lens, smoke lens, carrying case with carabiner and booklet (not shown).

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The eyeshield fitted with optional prescription lens insert which is available separately.

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