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Condor ATACS FG MOLLE Belt Liner Gen2

The Generation 2 MOLLE Belt Liner from Condor is designed to go over an existing tactical belt to provide padding and MOLLE mountable space on the waist. Ideal for building a belt kit, the Generation 2 belt liner features positive deep cushion while being 50 percent less bulky than the Generation 1 liner, improved ergnomic contoured shape for lower back support and comfort during movement, side panels which lift with milspec velcro hook and loop to make threading the tactical belt through easier, two rows of MOLLE webbing along the length of the belt and openings on left and right for threading through belt keepers for leg holsters or pouches. The ATACS FG MOLLE belt liner is manufactured from genuine ATACS FG milspec Cordura which is internally PU coated. Four 25mm d-rings are provided on the top side for threading through 25mm yoke straps or tactical shoulder harness. This prevents the belt kit from slipping left and right under load or movement. Skeletal belt kit is ideal for quick movement, tactical shooting with position changes and load distribution on the waist. Please note, this item is a belt liner and does not include an inner belt or tactical belt. Size optimised for 36in to 40in waist.

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