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Black Elasthane Balaclava

Black balaclava in super fine weave, made of 100% elasthane. Elasthane is a thinner material with the ability to wick away some moisture and is often used as a component of tight fitting sports clothing. The face opening is reinforced and trimmed. Seam runs from forehead to back of head.

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What our customers say about this product:

I feel as though I needed to comment on this item. It's a great balaclava. It's very breathable, and can be worn either over the nose or under the nose. Talking through it is not difficult at all. It's extremely thin and extremely light and fits comfortably, yet tightly around the head. It should fit small heads (I have a small head) up to large heads. It's remarkably cool to wear as it does not build up heat when you wear it. Of course, like all balaclava's, you cannot wear this item on a hot day out in the sun outside, that's not it's purpose. For night games, CQB, cold weather and general use it excels. The best part is, when you take it off, there's no static at all on your hair somehow no matter how fast you pull it off. - Submitted by Chris Lydon

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