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Bulle US BLACK Polartec300 SPEAR Fleece Jacket

The Bulle US black Polartec SPEAR type fleece jacket is directly based on the extremely popular US Marine cold weather fleece. SPEAR is abbreviated from Specops Personal Equipment Advanced Requirements, and the Polartec deep arctic protection fibre is one of the most advanced in the industry for providing breathable thermal insulation clothing for outdoor and military use. The Polartec 300 grade is for very cold weather, and provides excellent thermal protection despite its low weight. The synthetic fleece material is quick drying, does not retain water, and retains a high percentage of its performance even when wet. The features built into the SPEAR fleece jacket are: wind and waterproof shoulder, upper back and elbow reinforcement made of nylon; high, double-ply collar that zips up to the top; lengthened back to help prevent chilled lower back region; two large chest area inner pockets made of mesh; two YKK zippered slash pockets on front for hands; large armpit YKK zips left and right for ventilation during heavy outdoor activity; large chunky YKK zip-up front with fleece baffle directly behind to reduce heat loss from zip area; velcro wrist cuffs; elastic shock cord hem with toggles left and right to bellow the fleece into the body to prevent heat loss from bottom. The Bulle SPEAR fleece is available in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL. Bulle Black SPEAR fleece mirrors the original specification USMC black SPEAR fleece. Pictures below are of brown version of the same fleece which shows the features more clearly. Please refer to the first picture for the black colouration. Price is for one fleece.

Available options are: S , M , L , XL , XXL .

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large image no1

View of front of fleece.

large image no2

Opened view of fleece, showing the drawstring bottom, internal mesh pockets left and right, and Polartec tag.

large image no3

Closer view of the internal mesh pocket and the inside of the hip slash pocket.

large image no4

Closer view of the toggle for tightening the drawstring hem. Double zip pulls allow the fleece to be opened from the top or the bottom.

large image no5

Detailed view of the underarm ventilation zipper.

large image no6

View of rear of fleece.

large image no7

Detailed view of the cuff which closes tight with velcro.

large image no8

What our customers say about this product:

I wear my fleece all the time and it's the dogs. I like it because it is very warm, and it has just the right number of pockets for what I need. I wear it just on its own and the added bonus which I have used a lot is that the shoulders are waterproof which was good when I got caught in the rain without my Goretex which is pretty often. My boss lets me wear it at work because it fits in with my uniform and looks neat and professional. Love the armpit zips too which comes in handy after a day's walking. - Submitted by Marley

Very impressed with the build. Uses proper Polartec 300 and YKK zips on the front and under-arms and outer pockets. Very warm, but suitable venting options make it versatile. As the genuine SPEAR fleeces, has 2 inner mesh pockets which are really useful for storage, plus be good for drying out socks and gloves etc. Cracking bit of kit, cannot fault it. - Submitted by mark s

Bought it, LOVED IT. I Use it for work and I am nothing but impressed. I use it for my running also, and it's just brilliant. Recommended! - Submitted by Lake

As a rule I wear XL size but found this to be slightly larger than most, so worth thinking about if you're wanting to use as a mid layer. Apart from that I've had mine for about a month now and have had no problems at all. Found it to be nice and warm on the past few cold mornings with just a normal shirt under it, and has held up well when I've been caught out by light showery rain. - Submitted by Anthony Smith

FANTASTIC what can i say ,great bit of kit ,looks good with my uniform highly recommend a1,ideal on its own or uder a gortex smock - Submitted by micky j jackson

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