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Black Tactical Leg Extension

Tactical leg extender designed for the MoD Police for use with the PLCE belt. The leg extender provides a very stable platform to mount almost any pouch from the PLCE system by means of a high strength plate fully enclosed with black cordura material. This plate is rigid enough to hold items mounted on it without sliding around, but flexible enough to bend if required so as to avoid injury. The extender mounts onto the PLCE belt and fixes into place by means of two T-bars which are enclosed by a velcro-down flap reinforced with snap buttons. Pouches can be mounted at two separate postions: belt level, and leg level. Shown below is the Soldier 95 holster as mounted at leg level. The extender is kept in position on the leg by means of an adjustable strap with a fastex buckle.

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Close-up view of the belt loop. This loop opens with velcro and press buttons, similar to the British Army PLCE water bottle pouch. Two T-bars are provided to thread through the loops on the PLCE belt. This prevents the extender from sliding around.

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View of the leg extender as mounted on a PLCE belt with a S95 holster mounted on the lower of the two straps. This converts the S95 holster which is usually worn on the belt or as part of a shoulder mounted system into a leg holster. A leg strap with a quick release buckle is also provided to anchor the extender to the leg.

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