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British DPM Kombat Daypack Set 20l

Compatible with the British Army bergen, daypack set or bergen yoke, the daypack set from Kombat comes with a pair of bergen side pockets or daypack and the bergen yoke which is required to wear the pockets as a patrol pack on the back. Each bergen side pouch can be clipped and zippered into position on the side of the British Army short back or long back bergen. It can be clipped onto a bergen yoke to be used as a pack on its own, and it can be zippered onto another daypack to form a pair which can also be clipped onto the bergen yoke. It is made of internally PU coated Cordura. This waterproofs the daypack and gives stability to the material without adding bulk. Adding a daypack onto a bergen adds a capacity of approximately 5 litres to the overall carrying capacity, and the quick zip-off function encourages the user to prepare a 12 hour pack of essentials for recce or patrol work whilst the main pack is left at camp. The daypack has chunky zips on either side which are compatible with the bergen or any other products designed to work with the British Army issue system and opens from the top with a chunky zip. The front of the pouch has webbing loops to allow for camouflage material, extra utility straps or bungees to be drawn through if necessary. Four quick release buckles are provided that attach onto either the bergen or the bergen yoke. The bergen yoke is a separate piece which has padded upper back and shoulders, mesh mid-back and strapping to enable it to fit to the wearer with the side pockets attached. Clips are located at the top of the shoulders for attaching the side pockets. Colour: UK MoD woodland DPM camouflage. Search terms: daypack, bergen side pocket, British Army issue rucksack, patrol pack, jet pack, rocket pack.

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