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British DPM Maglite Pouch

The British DPM Maglite Pouch is a flat profile, lightweight utility pouch which can go on either a duty or PLCE belt or the standard Yoke strap. It measures 17x6cm and is orientated vertically. The pouch's has a main compartment is a flat pocket for a mini-Maglite, multi-tool, Swiss Army Knife, pen or similarly shaped item. The pouch lid closes onto the pouch with a press button. Two press button studs are provided to allow the pouch to close at 17cm high or 15.5cm high. The rear of the pouch has a belt looop made of heavy duty webbing, on which is sewn a vertical strap of webbing. The vertical strap enables the pouch to be worn on the upright strap of the standard PLCE yoke, on an upright strap of a rucksack or to be fitted with a MOLLE adapter strap for wear with MOLLE or MLCE based systems. The pouch is made of British Army issue military Cordura with IRR treatment and thick PU coating on the underside to protect from dirt and damp. All seams are double stitched with break resistant military specification cord. Highly versatile addition to standard British Army PLCE kit.

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