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TT Multicam Horizontal Small Utility Pouch

The TT Multicam horizontal small utility pouch is a neat way of storing essentials and first aid dressings in a pouch that measures 10x15x4cm and is ideal for the chest or midriff. Made in genuine Crye 1200D Cordura, the pouch features a double zip on its top which opens the pouch fully along the top and halfway along the sides. The front of the pouch has loop velcro for a name tape or pouch identifier. Just under the name tape is a loop of 25mm webbing which can be used to prise the pouch open quickly in an emergency or to attach small utilities such as a carabiner or cord. The front of the pouch has one strip of 25mm MOLLE webbing which can be used to retain further utilities. The rear of the pouch has two vertical belt loop style, 25mm straps which can be used to mount onto a MOLLE base and can be interwoven using the 25mm horizontal strap. The bottom of the pouch has one drainage hole. The inside of the pouch has 25mm elastic sewn onto the body side of the pouch and a carabiner placed on the right side of the pouch when viewed from the top down. These help to organise the contents and secure any items. The pouch adds useful space on parts of the MOLLE body armour or vest which usually would not take additional pouches due to its size. Also useful worn as a belt pouch.

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large image no1

The rear of the pouch.

large image no2

The bottom of the pouch.

large image no3

The inside of the pouch, showing the elastic on the back and the D-ring

large image no4
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