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... Objective lens for the NVRS series of night vision rifle scopes. The objective lens will increase the magnification of a Gen 1 NVRS or NVRS-F 1.7x scope to 4.3x and Gen 2 NVRS 3x scope to 5x. Dimensions are: 76x63mm. Weight is ...Tell me More...
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... The Yukon 100mW infrared illuminator is a powerful infrared torch emitting light at the lower end of the red/infrared spectrum. The light emitted is very intense, but undetectable by the human eye. The 200m range of the 100mW ...Tell me More...

... Additional, fully adjustable headset for the NVMT 4. This headset permits the monocular to be shifted from left to right eye. Due to Royal Mail losing products, this item will only ship by Special Delivery and will incur the ...Tell me More...
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... The 42mm objective lens transforms the NVMT 4 into a spotting scope with 3x magnification power. This is recommended for use with NVMT rifle conversions and hand held spotting scopes. ...Tell me More...

... The 24mm objective lens transforms the NVMT 4 into a spotting scope with 2x magnification power. This is the lightest and most compact of the NVMT lenses. ...Tell me More...
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... The Rifle Scope Conversion Kit transforms the Yukon NVMT 4 Generation 1+ monocular into a 1x magnification rifle scope. The kit consists of eyepiece with rubber eye shroud and the mount which fits onto a weaver rail. Due to ...Tell me More...
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