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Yukon NVMT4 Modular Night Vision Optic Gen 1+

The recently released Yukon NVMT 4 is an adaptable, flexible, and competitively priced entry-level Gen 1 (enhanced) optic which combines military-tested design with high performance and one of the best range of features and optional extras available in a night vision optic. Ultra-compact, lightweight, easy to use and comfortable to hold, the new NVMT is unique for a budget night scope in offering a tactile, suregrip plastic bodyshell and, for extra protection/grip, partial rubber armouring. The unit is ergonomically designed with tactile button features for easier manual operation with or without the handsfree headset. The Yukon NVMT 4 features a high performance enhanced, new model Generation 1 intensifier tube which acquires the available infrared spectrum in low light conditions and intensifies the image to the viewer. Where light conditions approach near total darkness, the Yukon NVMT 4 has a built-in short range IR illuminator which can be operated separately from the unit to provide additional infrared spectrum light. Operated without the IR illuminator, the unit is passive and does not emit light; with the IR illuminator on, the unit may emit a low level red glow, visible only from the IR illuminator. The Yukon NVMT 4 comes with an adjustable headset for handsfree operation. It may be worn over either the left or right eye, and flipped up when not in use. With the headset, the unit only weighs around 0.5kg, and it may also be used as a compact pocket scope at a weight of around 0.38kg without headset. Optional accessores for the Yukon NVMT 4 will convert the unit into the following: rifle scope with weaver mount, spotting scope with either 2x or 3x magnification depending on choice of objective lens, digital camera scope. An additional long-range IR illuminator, provided with a mount, is also available separately to increase the viewing distance. The optional accessories are listed below, and are available through our website: Rifle conversion kit (provides an eyepiece and a weaver mount) NVYOA1NX Objective lens for 2x magnification NVYOA2NX Objective lens for 3x magnification NVYOA3NX Additional headmount NVYOA4NX Digital camera adapter NVYOA5NX Long range high-intensity IR Illuminator NVYOA6NX Technical specifications: Image Tube Generation Gen 1+ Magnification 1x Lens Diameter 24mm Resolution 36 lines/mm Field of View 36 Degrees Diopter Adjustment +/- 4 Max Range of Detection 150m IR Illuminator Range 100m Power Supply 3 (CR123A) Tripod Mount 1/4 inch, 2 sockets Dimensions 142x82x60mm Weight 0.38kg (approx 0.5kg with head mount)

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View of head mount included. This is also available separately as an optional extra.

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The NVMT as fitted with the additional optional extras: Rifle scope conversion kit (NVYOA1NX) and 42mm Objective lens giving 3x magnification (NVYOA3NX).

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What our customers say about this product:

Works great, but a little bit of a pain is that you have to manually set the focus. But then again, it's really cheap. Love that it comes with a headmount, that's what made me buy it. It came with a really nice battery too. -Submitted by Harald

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