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Olive Czech Army Parka with Liner and Hood

Genuine issue Czech army parka in olive green, together with grey liner and collar, detachable hood and belt. Produced in the early 1990s shortly before the end of the Cold War and unissued (some collar liners may have been issued), distinctive khaki and grey tones the perfect vintage look. The parka, detachable hood and belt are made from heavy duty cotton-poly twill fabric to protect from wind. Two chest pockets and two slash hip pockets are provided on the front. The parka can be worn as a lightweight autumn or spring jacket on its own. In colder weather, the furry liner and collar can be attached with buttons. The body liner extends below the waist and runs fully down the length of the arms. Body liners are made from polyester and may require some additional buttons for full attachment to the parka down the full length. The sleeves of the liner are polyester 'woolly cuff' type to reduce draught from the wrist area. Collar can be buttoned in an upright position to protect and insulate the neck. The detachable hood is not lined, as it would usually be worn over other headwear. The front of the hood is elasticated. Internally, the parka has an elastic shock cord drawstring at the waist and another on the hem. Parka is closed with a central brass zipper which is covered with button front. The parka comes with a matching belt which is fully detachable. Sizes available are: 34in chest (88cm), 37in chest (94cm), 40in chest (100cm), 42in chest (106cm). Very warm field jacket in a tough and sturdy ex-forces quality construction. 34S is 34in chest, short length.

Available options are: 34XS , 34S , 34 , 37 , 40 , 42 .

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large image no1

Parka shown without the belt. Only three belt loops are located on the parka.

large image no2

Side view of parka including the hood attached.

large image no3

The rear of the parka with the hood removed but collar left on.

large image no4

The right of the parka with hood off, but collar on.

large image no5

The collar raised sits high on the chin for full coverage of the neck. A strap on the collar can be buttoned over to hold the collar closed.

large image no6

The back of the collar with the outer button attachments. The hood is also attached. It is not lined.

large image no7

The hood raised over the head. The front is fitted with elastic. The hood is extra deep to allow for wear of headwear underneath.

large image no8

The furry liner covers chest, back, arms down to below waist level. Elastic shock cord drawstrings are located on the waist and lower hem.

large image no9

Authenic contract stamps or labels are located inside.

large image no10
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