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Bulle Olive P90 UMP Mag Pouch

Our own production, especially designed to carry two P90 magazines per pouch in a convenient, low-profile format. The pouch is so designed to allow for the quick withdrawal of single magazines one at a time, by containing a single magazine in each of the two pockets. Pouches open quickly and quietly with genuine issue Spanish fly-type openers, eliminating the slow and clumsy operation associated with fastex buckles and the loudness of velcro closers. Pouches are designed to eliminate possibility of loss of magazines by enclosing over two thirds of the length of the magazine. Magazine pouch has a semi-rigid backing to help keep the pouch in shape for better stability without adding much to the overall weight of the pouch and each pocket has a rivetted drainage hole at the bottom for good ventilation. Pouches are designed to be able to be worn straight onto a belt, as well as clipped to the belt with the aid of webbing adapter plates or Alice clips. Each pouch is made in Germany to the highest standards using only genuine military cordura which is internally waterproofed and coated with an IRR resistant compound.

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large image no1

Rear of pouch

large image no2

Pouch shown with magazines inside (magazines not included).

large image no3
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