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Camtech Camouflage Cream Kit

Camtech camouflage cream for central european environments, complete with carrying case. Case contains three colours: light green, dark green and dark brown. Mirror is attached to the inside of lid so that all items needed to complete application of camouflage paint are found in one package. Camouflage cream formula is non-toxic and resists fading or dilution due to sweat.

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What our customers say about this product:

Amazingly brilliant! So easy to put on and take off, compared to the BCB stuff this is the king! Although with my skin on the first couple of times using it irritated my skin but now doesnt! BUY BUY BUY! - Submitted by Cadet Jenkins

Excellent kit. The cream is of good quality pigment, spreads well, covers well, is non-toxic and gives SPF 15 to your skin. As soon as you have the chance, buy this gear. - Submitted by D Marshall

Been looking for this everywhere after they stopped issuing to us. Simply the best cam cream ever. Hope they will keep this stock for years to come as I will always buy this cam cream. The only place I know that stocks it - Submitted by wayne medcalf

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