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US ACU Bulle MOLLE Ambidexrous Pistol Holster

The Bulle MOLLE holster is a MOLLE mountable, accessible pistol holster which enables the operator to draw the pistol from a MOLLE modular body armour vest or chest harness. This application is usually encountered whilst the operator is in a seated position (transitting in a vehicle) or in any circumstances in which drawing from a leg holster quickly is not an option. The pistol holster mounting can be changed from left handed carry to right handed carry, and will support the addition of small MOLLE mountable pouches as it is fully fitted with one inch mil-spec cross-webbing. The pistol holster may also be used in the drop leg position when used with a MOLLE leg carrier plate. Designed for use with medium-framed semi-automatic pistols, such as the Beretta M9, Sig P226, Colt 1911, Glock 17/18 and 19, and any other pistols of a similar size. The pistol is secured with an adjustable strap and fastex buckle. Made of 1000 Denier texturised Cordura. Price is for one holster. Any accessories shown are for illustration purposes and are not included in the price. Please note, there is a fault in the stiffener material which is sandwiched between the layers of cordura which causes the stiffener to crack. The MOLLE attachments are not affected, but the price is reduced.

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large image no1

View of other side of holster. The holster is ambidextrous and can be fitted for mounting onto the MOLLE base in either direction.

large image no2

Angled view of the holster, showing the thumb break and its velcro securing strap.

large image no3

View of the holster with a model Colt Government pistol inside. The thumb break covers the hammer.

large image no4

Straight view of the holster with the model Colt Government pistol inside.

large image no5
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What our customers say about this product:

Well, I'll post an honest review. For a start, it holds my Glock 18c VERY securely. Once it's in the holster, it does not move one millimetre, which in turn is currently mounted to a MOLLE leg platform, and being MOLLE/PALS it can also be mounted to a compatible plate carrier, or a chest rig. But I prefer the option of having it on my leg, as it feels more natural to me. Otherwise, now for the serious part. I bought one of these ages ago, and finally got to use it for its intended purpose. First I used it to holster a USP Compact, which I borrowed for a little while (yes, I did return it). After lunch, in went the Glock with a little bit of effort, which translates to a very secure fit to anyone who might happen to have one, real steel, or airsoft. As for the Velcro thumb break, that is an added bonus due to the fact it can be adjusted to fit a longer sidearm, which also helps with keeping the sidearm of your choice in place. I was at a skirmish day, and other players holsters were not doing the job quite as well as this holster does. It's not as quick as a Serpa holster, but that said, it's not subject to any mechanical problems, as there are no springs or buttons to press, which increases reliability. So to conclude. If you're debating buying one of these, do so. It is much cheaper than a Serpa holster, and will fit a more diverse range of small and medium framed sidearms. And you can choose to have it mounted for either a left or right hand draw, with no problems at all. - Submitted by Richard Lewis

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