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HDT FG M88 Helmet Cover

The HDT FG helmet cover for the M88 helmet is made in poly cotton ripstop, to fit standard replica M88 helmets, PASGT type replica helmets with small shell and also accommodate MICH 2000 type helmets. The cover is drawn together at the rim with a drawcord and adjusted with a toggle. The cover is constructed in three sections: two sides and one strip that runs from front to back. The cover features push button 25mm cordura straps to secure strapping for goggles, comms gear or other headgear worn over the helmet, large velcro panels on top and sides for insignia, reinforced front section which prevents ripping of the cover when night vision gear is mounted to the helmet shell beneath by means of screws or other rigid fixings, 12x13 cm pocket on rear with velcro on top, two buttonholes located at front for camouflage material. Highly featured item finishes off the appearance of ATACS FG or HDT FG camo. Cover shown in pictures over a medium shell PASGT helmet which is not included in price.

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large image no1

Left side of helmet cover, showing the buttonholes for camoulflage, side wiring retention, goggle retention strap towards rear and side velcro.

large image no2

Rear of cover showing the pocket on the back, the ends of the two wiring retention loops, and the cordura goggle retention straps.

large image no3

Top of the helmet, showing the velcro patch on the top.

large image no4
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