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Black Armoured Knee Pads

Black armoured knee pads, with rivetted knee cap semi-plastic cover and enclosed foam pad. The foam pad is fully enclosed in a cordura outer and cloth inner. The entire pad is sewn through, 1 inch from the outer edge on all sides. The knee pads each have an adjustable 1.25inch wide elastic on a plastic rectangular ring to allow for movement. Each of these are velcro down. Knee pads are slightly shaped to the knee, but final shaping will occur during wear.

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View of reverse of knee pads. The inner side is lined with a soft fleecy material to draw moisture away from the centre of the knee pad. The elastic straps are run through a plastic rectangular ring, and velcro down in place. This allows for freer movement, and also allows the pads to be adjusted to fit.

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Me & My flatmate both have these having tried various other knee & elbow pad combinations - they're very comfortable to use, don't move around much, and are easy to get on and off (and don't require you to remove your footwear as some other brands with continuous/ tube type elastic rather than straps do). The build quality is good and the plastic and fabric combination provides a comfortable support for your knees with only minor movement when kneeling. The only minor issue is that the velcro can come loose during rugged use/ rolling or moving through foliage, it's better to make them a bit tighter to ensure enough of a velcro overlap if you have larger legs. The fuzzy internal material tends to bring half the forest home with you too, but it's easy enough to clean up with a hard brush. - Submitted by Stu Mortimer

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