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Black Replica PJ G4 Fast Helmet with Face Mask

The G4 is one of the latest developments in PJ Fast Helmets which have become some of the most popular tactical helmets for being lightweight, fully featured and able to take a wide variety of accessories. This is a replica PJ Fast Helmet with the G4 face mask which looks almost identical in appearance to the real thing - including: front helmet mount for camera, night vision or other accessories, replica side rail mounts to simulate the rail mounts on real PJ helmets, face mask mountings on left and right for the clip-on face mask, and a full face mesh mask with polycarbonate eyepiece that is moulded in on the cheeks to reduce face-side bulk. The helmet also comes with additional pads for customising the fit on the head, an adjustable head band for sizes from 56 to 60 and an adjustable chin strap. Great, tactical look, just like the real thing!. Please note that this helmet is decorative and therefore not sold as protective gear.

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large image no1

Right side view showing the velcro over the top and sophisticated side mounting system for the face mask.

large image no2

The face mask is partially removed from its mounting to show how it can be slid off.

large image no3
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