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Black Hazard 4 Covert LT Device Module

The Hazard 4 Covert LT Device Module is a versatile compartmentalised pouch is roomier than most pockets and more secure. It is ideal for carrying smart phones, MP3 players and other valuable items you may need regular access to. Two smaller pouches on the front of this module will snugly fit items such as torches, batteries and pens. It is suited to urban crowds, travelling, sport and work. It can be worn in a multitude of configurations such as clipped to your belt, worn with a strap on your shoulder, as a chest pack with a harness or at your side like a holster. Dimensions without contents: 18cm wide, 13cm tall, 6cm deep. 4 plastic slide-locks on rear provide mounting points for wear on a covert shoulder harness. Available in black and orange only.

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large image no1

The rear points, and velcro over belt loop.

large image no2

The underside of the belt loop is faced in orange nylon.

large image no3

Angled view of pouch showing the pouch depth.

large image no4

The front of the pouch has two smaller pockets.

large image no5

The pouch partially open, showing the orange faced interior.

large image no6

The main compartment has a net pocket on one side and a standard pocket on the other.

large image no7

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