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Brown CONCAMO LK Operator Trousers

Brown Confusion Camo (CONCamo) is an airborne-forces operator designed camouflage for temperate heath or brown scrub environments. The camouflage is highly effective in field tests within European autumn woodland, mixed woodland, browned grassland or heathland environments. Concamo utilises an extreme layering approach to camouflage, preventing the eye from identifying any single overall colouration or patterning and preventing detection by searching for a characteristic appearance. The LK elite forces designed trousers feature eight belt loops for up to 45 mm wide belt, two hip pockets, one seat pocket, two bulgy cargo pocket, one internal knife or magazine pocket within the right cargo pocket, D-rings for attachment of material and lanyards, wide belt loops and shoulder brace points, adjustable thigh ties to reduce riding and bagginess when cargo pockets are fully loaded, seat and knee reinforcement patches, lower leg internal baffel with elastic and toggle adjustment to prevent the trousers from riding over the top of the boot during movement. The seat pocket has a hidden button pocket flap that reduces snag. Trousers close with button waist and zip fly. Pleated front allows for extra expansion space without adding too much bulk to the waist area. The knee padding shown in the photograph is included with the trousers and can be replaced when it is worn out. Fully milspec construction, sizes Euro 48 (33 - 34 in waist), Euro 50 (35 - 36 in waist), Euro 52 (38-39in waist).

Available options are: 33 , 35 , 37 , 39 .

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