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British Forces Pattern 58 Water Bottle

Genuine British ex-Mod stock Pattern 58 water bottle, or Osprey water bottle, with sealing screw cap and snap open top for the S10 respirator drinking straw. This bottle is made from heavy duty, highly durable black plastic. The bottle holds approximately 1 litre or 2 pints. Unissued and never before used, but not factory new. We highly recommend washing the bottle before first use, as we have no control over how these have been stored or transported. May have some slight marks from storage or transport on the outside. The bottle can fit into a PLCE pouch or Quart bottle pouch. Sold without mug.

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large image no1

A slightly angled view to show the markings on the bottle. The bottle may be marked for a different date to the one shown.

large image no2

The bottle with the lid open, showing the S10 respirator straw aperture.

large image no3
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What our customers say about this product:

The standard issue CS95 Osprey waterbottle holds plenty of water to sustain you during a routine patrol, a heavy duty lid with a rubber stopper prevent leaking. The removable mug simply slips on and off the top of the canteen and has two metal loops as a handle which fold flat when not in use. - Submitted by George Sobota

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