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British Army Pro Boots

British Army Pro-Boots, the current military combat boot. Features are Goretex lining (water impermeability not guaranteed on used boots), directly molded 'hiking' sole, expansion slot in back of heel, speed lacing system, top quality construction. These are the boots used in combat and are of much better quality and design than the British Army 'Assault Boots'. Black leather outers can be polished to high shine as they are smooth grained leather. 'Pro-Boot' is stamped on the outside and a 'Goretex' label is sewn into the leather. The high-leg tops are also cushioned for comfort. Sturdy heel and medium weight give these boots enhanced comfort over rough terrain.

Available options are: 7 , 8 , 9 , 11 , 12 .

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Detail showing boots with full lining. Some versions of this boot have a grey lining.

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What our customers say about this product:

I have used these boots for years, I work outside and walk around 30 miles a day. I've found proboots to be very hard wearing waterproof and little or no breaking in. They are well made and give outstanding value for money, I've tried other boots but these are best all round, not too heavy lining keeps your feet warm and dry but doesn't over heat feet in the summer. - Submitted by Peanut

Very good boots. Good comfort, medium weight, very durable. Much better than my pair of Matterhorns. Though not as good as Lowa's (due to a slightly irritating lace lock). These definately make up for it in terms of price!!! - Submitted by Luke H

I bought a pair of these boots in 2005, only wore them for best, you couldn't use Morello polish on them, as the leather is too soft. However, once you had worn them a couple of times they were probably the most comfortable boots I have worn. This leads me to the down side. I had worn these boots no more than 6 times, since purchase, mainly because the assault boot I was issued with were well broken in, and far better for drill. a couple of weeks ago, I decided to wear my Pro boots, and on the way home from the TA centre, my heel caught on a broken pavement, and virtually ripped half of the heel off! On further examination, I was horrified to find that the heel consists of nothing more than a soft sponge rubber shell, with a treaded heel block moulded on. These boots are going to cost around 120 to replace. I am not sure whether I will buy the same boots again, or bite the bullet and go for Lowas. Had I bought these boots recently, I would be looking for a refund. If the design of the heel could be changed to a solid heel, I would buy them again! - Submitted by Dean Pritchard

Brilliant boot, have been on the moors in all kinds of weather, snow, pouring rain etc. and my feet have never been warmer or drier. Water has NEVER got through the boot. If only the sole was as good as the upper they would be the perfect boot. Out walking a while ago and things felt all funny under my feet, on checking my boots I found that the sole was breaking up and I was able to pull the soles of both boots completely off. Uppers are still in perfect condition so I use them in the garden. Re-designed with a better sole they would be the perfect boot. - Submitted by Steve M

These Pro Boots are fantastic. No signs of wear to the uppers and very little wear to the soles. My present, expensive, branded, lightweight walking boots are about 3 months away from being binned so I bought my Pro Boots as they're better, cut price replacement and I'm a very happy man. I will however be Nikwaxing them to make certain that they will be waterproof. 10/10! - Submitted by Robert D

Excellent boots, better than described. Appear hardly worn, arrived very promptly. This is my second pair of Pro-Boots. Had the first pair 5 years or so before they were pinched. They are excellent. At week-ends I'm Ray Mears, and these boots are ideal for living rough in the wilds of Northumberland. They are lighter than many outdoor boots, comfortable 24 hrs a day and easy to wear, warm and waterproof, good sole. With a longer lace they are quick on and off too. - Submitted by selous

I bought my Pro Boots about 5 years, ago, but I mainly used my issued Assault boots for work. I had worn my Pro boots on no more than 6 occasions, and found them very comfortable to wear, but not much good for Drill. On my way home from TA on Thursday last, my left heel caught on a pavement,and virtually disintegrated!. On inspection when I got home, the left heel just consisted of the sponge rubber "inner", and nothing else! To say I am annoyed about this is an understatement, as these boots will cost aboout 120 to replace, and I am seriously considering Lowa asault boots instead! - Submitted by Dean Pritchard

I've had my pair of pro boots now for about five years. They were bought new and were used regularly for the first couple of years, and are the most comfortable boots I've had, with hardly any breaking in needed. I've worn them ocasionally in the last couple of years for walking and hiking, until the other day when I went to put them on. On inspecting the tread for trapped stones I was gutted to find the sole had started to disintegrate. Inspecting the sole closley I started to prod them with my finger which broke chunks off, revealing some soft foam underneath. They were the best boots Id' had until then, and will now be looking for an alternative boot for 120. - Submitted by Scobe

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