British DPM S95 Shirt

Soldier 95 combat shirt, pattern 95 camouflage. Current issue; part of new clothing system. Made of lightweight polyester-cotton and works as part of the layered clothing system adopted by the British Army or on its own for summer wear. This shirt features: button down front, one commando-style chest tab for rank slide, two large expandable chest pockets (button down), two stage button down cuffs. All buttons are the new type Canadian tape buttons which do not fall off. Made to high standards demanded by the British Army NSN 8445-99-869-2135. Picture shows as new shirt. Used shirts are typically more faded and may show signs of wear around the collar and cuffs.

Available options are: 34XS , 34S , 38S , 38R , 38L , 40R , 40L , 44S .

large image no1

View of full shirt from front.

large image no2