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British Olive Black Shemagh

Bulle Olive and Black shemagh of the type used by British Forces. The olive and black shemagh is made of a lightweight cotton. A Shemagh is a versatile, lightweight piece of kit and can be used as: headwrap, neck warmer, improvised sling. In hot weather, it can be used to keep the sun off the head and face, and when dipped in water and held over the head and neck, can be used as an aid to quick cooling to avert heat exhaustion. The lightweight material of the shemagh is ideal for creating well ventilated shade when used as a single layer or, when folded over into several layers, is an excellent way to keep the back of head and shoulders warm. Dimensions of the shemagh are approximately 36 x 36 inches.

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Awsome buy! Well recomended! Keeps the face very warm on excercise, and because it's the British colours you don't look like a questionable person! Very pleased! - Submitted by Robert Munro

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