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British DPM Issue NBC Suit Unpackaged

Genuine British Army charcoal impregnated felt lined Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC) suit comprising hooded jacket and trousers, with an outer shell in lightweight DPM camo. The suit is not used, but is not in a sealed packet. The NBC suit is designed as an efficient and quickly worn filter layer against particles which, unlike rubber barrier suits, is more breathable and comfortable to wear and work in. The jacket has a tall, integrated hood which closes tightly around the face mask that is worn underneath. Velcro patches and twill ties are placed on the jacket and trousers to help seal the body away from exposure to harmful particles. NBC (US - CBRN) suits are sometimes worn as protective layer for personnel engaged in clean-up operations involving hazardous materials. As the suits are surplus and are unpackaged, the protection level is not guaranteed. Size 180/100 (M) or 190/108 (L).

Available options are: M , L .

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The suit has some simple pockets for storage and velcro ties to help seal off areas that are susceptible to particle ingress.

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