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British DPM South African Assault Vest

DPM coloured import version of the popular South African assault vest. Features fully adjustable shoulders and waist, skeleton construction with padded shoulders, back and waist. Internals are constructed with rubberised mesh which adds to the stability of the vest when worn. Pouches are in flecktarn nylon material, closed with velcro and are sized and designed to support a large variety of field uses from storage of a poncho to spare ammunition, cartridges and magazines. Rear pouch is long and narrow and can be made to take a hydration system. An inexpensive all-rounder.

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large image no1

View of interior of vest showing the foam padded portions.

large image no2

View or rear of vest, showing lower back adjustment straps and rucksack.

large image no3
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What our customers say about this product:

This assault vest is really a fantastic alternative to webbing in the cadets. I used to over pack all my kit but no matter what I did, this vest always had room to spare! The side pouches really do hold a lot although the locking system takes a bit of getting used to (I just added toggles to them), but the vest as a whole works really well! Although, the magazine pouches do NOT hold 3 magazines, and 2 barely, but a bit of advice is to just snip the top of the divider and then the problem is solved. Overall this vest is a fantastic all rounder for cadets and VERY well priced. - Submitted by Max Lewis

Apart from ultra quick delivery I'm chuffed with this peice of kit! Solid construction, loads of room for mags. Pouches either side for grenades and dump [area]! Room for a 2 ltr hydro on the back, and nice secure pockets for mobile, wallet, maps etc! Being a big lad it took me 15 mins to adjust to my size and a bit of fiddling. Not exactly a problem as I now have a SAAV that's absolutely snug as a bug, and no wobble and clatter on the run! For the price you can't go wrong! - Submitted by Geoff

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