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DPM Wyvern PLCE All Arms Belt Kit

The new DPM All arms belt kit features three large utility pouches, each capable of carrying a Pattern 58 water bottle or similar sized equipment. The pouches close by means of fastex buckles. The belt kit permits the use of PLCE, Alice-mounted or MOLLE pouches on the front left and right spaces usually reserved for the double ammo pouch. This enables the belt kit to be adapted to a variety of different magazine types dependent on pouch mounting system, as well as being fully compatible with a standard set of PLCE double ammo pouches as issued. The belt kit is fully foam-lined on its rear surface which sits against the body, helping to spread the load and cushion the hip and waist areas while eliminating the need for an additional hip-pad. The foam is enclosed in MoD specification cordura material for ease of maintenance. The belt kit can be worn on its own or with a PLCE main yoke which can be fitted to in-built yoke attachment points. The front of the belt kit is clipped together with an adjustable fastex buckle to allow for sizes from 31 inch waist up to 42 inch waist. The bottom of the belt kit has two rectangular rings left and right for the attachment of a drop leg holster or the Wyvern drop-leg carrier plate. The belt kit (approx. 0.62kg) represents a reduction on weight over an equivalent belt kit comprising a PLCE belt, hip pad and three utility pouches (approx weight 1.32kg) of approximately 50%.

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Close-up of the side of the all arms belt kit. This has strapping for mounting a utility pouch or magazine pouch. The top of the kit has one metal slider for threading a PLCE yoke if required. The bottom of the kit has a 50mm wide rectangular ring for attaching a drop leg carrier or holster. These features are found on both left and right sides of the belt kit.

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