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DPM S10 Respirator Pouch

Current British Army issue respirator pouch for British Army S10 respirator. Features attachment points for PLCE webbing, adjustable shoulder strap to enable pouch to be slung over the shoulder. Main compartment is top opening, and has three internal pockets, one of which is designed to hold innoculations against biological or chemical agents. Top closure is fully sealed with velcro and also has press button to prevent accidental opening. Small external pouch on side holds test papers and assorted filters. Whole pouch is fully lined and padded.

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large image no1

Rear view of pouch, showing shoulder strap.

large image no2

View of attachment points for PLCE webbing.

large image no3

View of interior of S10 respirator pouch.

large image no4
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Again, as with all my reviews so far I never got this from here but just wanted to point out how good they are. As a cadet we have no need for NBC kit so I use this as a stash bag for my cooking kit/rations or other things such as spare clothing. The small pouch on the side is usefull for putting things like a tub of cam cream. As I try to point out it is not just for NBC, but anything. I actually have mine at the back of my webbing. Also still works great as just as satchel. All in all 10/10, must buy. - Submitted by taz

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