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... Bright orange emergency multifunction whistle. Made of sturdy plastic, the whistle is large enough to be easily gripped with gloved hands and has an easily operated failsafe blow end. The whistle is also equipped with an oil ...Tell me More...
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... Three-in-one survival olive drab whistle with built in button compass and thermometer. Ideal as a survival tool for all situations. Good for attracting attention and a useful backup in case the primary compass gets lost or ...Tell me More...
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... The Zip Hex is part of Gerber's Daily Carry selection, being small enough to fit on a zip pull or a bag pull. Gerber GDC utilities are designed to go wherever you go, because the best tool in the world is useless if you don't ...Tell me More...
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... Genuine British Army issue three colour multi-terrain MTP camo cream in touch plastic case with mirror inside lid. Colours are olive green, coyote brown dark brown. NATO-approved, Wesco brand camo cream, made in GB by UK based ...Tell me More...
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... Genuine issue British Army green Utility strap with steel clip. These are designated as 'load bearing' due to the stronger material used in the manufacture of strap and steel adjuster clip. Strap is approximately 1 inch wide, ...Tell me More...
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... A wire saw is an essential part of any outdoorsman's kit. Easily packed away into a small space and lightweight, the wire saw is made from two different guages of steel wire which are intertwined to maximise abrasive value when ...Tell me More...
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