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Flecktarn Two Man Tent

German Army issue bivouac tent for two people. Comes in two halves which can be carried by each person in a handy packet. Set comprises: 2 tent cloths, 2 packing bag, 2 sets of four tent poles, 2 tent pole bags. In flecktarn, easy to set up in a short time, can be taken down quickly in an emergency. Made of windproof cotton which can be waterproofed effectively.

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View of one packet, showing the tent cloth, packing bag and tent poles in tent pole bag. Also shows one tent pole removed from bag and disassembled.

large image no2

Detailed view of tent poles. Note that the tent pole comprises of two parts: Poles which can be fit together and tent pegs used to secure the tent cloth to the ground.

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What our customers say about this product:

i was pleased with the quality of the actual tent setup but the picture in the advert clearly shows tent pegs and poles to be of a different design the poles supplied were of wood in stead of the steel supports pictured (Surplus products sometimes end up being changed on us. Ed.) . No pouch was supplied for the tent pegs the delivery was ex ellent. - Submitted by Barry straughan

This tent was in excellent condition,a few small holes which had been mended in professional manner,just one button missing but with it being two button system this did not matter to the performance of the tent,I have been trawling through the internet for one of these pup tents,and to find flecktarn.co.uk was a god send, the right product at the right price at the right time,can only just tell that this article has been issued but this only added to the experience,knowing that a soldier had used this article in the great wars,It was also to my supprise that the tent made into a poncho and the bag made into the hood,a well designed system from years ago, a pleasure to work with this company,the courier that was used had a chat function online which again added to the pleasure to do bussiness with you,will use again, Kind regards Andrew - Submitted by Mr Andrew Saddington

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