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German Flecktarn Issue Field Trousers

Combat Trousers: Original German military combat trousers in heavy weight poly-cotton moleskin weave. Flecktarn colour, two push button hip pockets, two leg pockets, one button down back pocket. Belt loops accept up to 3cm wide belt, buttons are included for German braces. Zip fly, button waist closure. Machine washable. Used condition, please allow for up to 1in shrinkage from the factory specification sizes which are in centimeters on the waist, 80cm (approx 31in), 85cm (approx 33in), 90cm (approx 35in), 95cm (approx 37in), leg lengths in Regular 80cm inside leg (approx 31in) and Long 85cm inside leg (approx 33in).

Available options are: 31S , 31R , 33S , 33R , 33L , 35S , 35R , 35L , 37S , 37R , 37L , 39S , 39R , 39L , 41R .

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large image no1

Close up of rear pocket and partial view of hip pocket. Detail shows the flap which has conceals a button for closing the pocket.

large image no2

Close up of right leg pocket. Detail shows flap with push buttons that closes the leg pocket. Also shown is the expansion slot which allows the pocket to expand towards the rear.

large image no3

Close up view showing the waistband, hip pocket and rear pocket. Detail shows the belt loops, buttons for attaching braces as well as the cut of hip pocket and rear pocket.

large image no4
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What our customers say about this product:

These trousers are ideal for airsoft and messing around in woodland areas, they blend in very well with certan plant life and trees. They are incrediably roomy and easy to move in. I'm hoping in the very near future to get the German para boots and the parka to have the complete set. - Submitted by joe w

I bought the 33S and they fit quite good. The German S is a bit shorter then the S of my NWUs issued to me by the US Navy but that makes no difference when I blouse them. My only complaint is the zipper tab. When I zipped them up half the tab broke off, but enough was left to garb and still use. But otherwise for used trousers they are quite good. Verry comfy. - Submitted by Edward

I myself being about 5'4 found the 31S absolutely perfect. Very comfortable, warm in winter, comfortable in summer, I wear them round the house and for skirmishing events also, Get a pair! - Submitted by Jay

If you are looking for second hand,well priced hunting and airsofting trousers then these are the ones.The very comfotable,and also have large cargo pockets and hand pockets.The only prblems are that i got mine one size to big,but that was solved by a belt and proved strong and secure,another problem was that there are no tie srings at the bottom of the legs above the boots so i just rolled them up insted.But very good for the money. - Submitted by RICH . W

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