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Flecktarn Goretex Suit

Goretex Set (2-piece): Original German military waterproofs, sold as complete jacket and trouser sets for better value. Strong, heavy duty goretex material which is also surprisingly light and tear-resistant. Jacket has integral hood, zip and button down front, drawstring hood and bottom hem, two lower pockets, velcro cuffs, German flag at top of arms. Trousers are made with integral adjustable braces, button waist closure and zip fly, velcro side tabs, zippered hip slit for access to trouser pockets and zippered knee-to-hem lower leg expansion panels to make putting on easier. Flecktarn colour, washing instructions included. Waterproof level is not guaranteed by us. Extra Large suits come with Extra Large, Long Trousers.

Large - EAN 4046872309731

Available options are: S , M , L , XL .

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large image no1

Front of jacket.

large image no2

Trousers which have a brace system for holding them up. They also have side adjustment tabs to bring them in on the waist.

large image no3

Jacket hood up, showing the high neck.

large image no4

Back of trousers showing the braces and side adjustment tabs. The lower leg has a zipper which allows the trousers to be put on more easily if boots are being worn. Zipping this back down brings the lower leg back in and prevents the flaring effect.

large image no5
FLCGS1UAUsed59.95Qty Out of stock

What our customers say about this product:

Lightweight model. Makes a very small package when stored. Very spacy, the XL size is really very large. Good condition. The pants were practically unused. No inner pockets or cargo pockets though. - Submitted by Michael

Got a set of this a few years back. Have used it for duck hunting in pouring rain, fishing in northern Minnesota and Canada. Wears like iron and so far I haven't gotten wet. Wouldn't hesitate to buy another set. Great value. I bought a size larger to get all my warm clothes under the protective layer. - Submitted by Kai

Jacket looks unused although there was a bit of paper in the pocket. The lower end of the jacket zip is quite high up, but the trousers are high-waisted and there are press-studs all the way to the bottom of the jacket. Straps/braces/zips on the trousers are really good quality. Trousers have been kneeled on in the mud but this has been cleaned reasonably well (I'll soak them to get this out). There is an odour to ex-army stuff and these have it, but very faintly, I'm sure it would come out in the wash but it's not strong enough to bother me.. XL plenty big enough for me (for comparison my Berghaus is XXL) Overall, better quality than I expected, used but not abused. - Submitted by David

Bought a set for winter field target airgunning. Braces and higher waist on overtrousers big plus. Some rain penetration through jacket shoulders after 4 hours solid but these are used goods and proprietary treatment restored.I love them. - Submitted by Robin H

After trolling the Internet for army surplus sites I finally came across Flecktarn.co.uk who seem to have all of the fabulous Flecktarn clothing. So I didn't hesitate in buying this item at such a ridiculously low price to keep me dry when I'm out dog walking. Amazing quality and no signs of that horrible earthy smell that I've experienced when buying army surplus stock in the past. However, just one observation to point out to Flecktarn.co.uk. from a non-smoker. You need to search the pockets of your clothing you supply a tad better as I found cigarette butts and tobacco flakes in the jacket pockets. At least the previous owner cares more for the environment than he does for his personal health! I second Michael's opinion of the trousers in this suit, they may have been issued but they don't appear to have ever been worn. Being second-hand it's obvious that Flecktarn.co.uk cannot guarantee the waterproof level of this item, I will eventually, be washing them in pure soap flakes and then use Nikwax TX Direct to proof them just to make certain before using. - Submitted by Robert D

I am a carp angler and bought this suit prior to a 10 trip to France as a precaution I gave it a spray with an aerosol of fabsil gold despite tha fact it looked in new condition well it poured with rain storms for a week good test or what ? kept me completely dry and as its very breathable did not feel at all clammy great buy at a bargain price dont just sit ther ? buy one lol Gerry - Submitted by Gerry ( oldgeezer) Giles

I got one of these for a recent event in the Lake District. They are great as a cover-all as they are a bit on the large side because they are designed to go over several layers of clothing. The braces make the trousers stay in place once adjusted and not fall down and all other clothing can be tucked inside them out of the way. The jacket is nice and roomy and has a nice big hood for pulling on quickly, even over a hat. Despite being used, they are still very waterproof and mine didn't need any kind of extra treatment before use. They also pack up farily small for hiking and storage. - Submitted by Tim

I have a number of garments in flecktarn pattern and this is almost certainly the most useful. The pattern is ideal for wooded areas here in Scotland and the suit I received arrived quickly and is in apparently new condition. Very good value especially for, let's face it, the rain that Scotland dishes out. Comfortable and practical. Recommended. - Submitted by Colin

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