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Flecktarn Neck Scarf

German Army neck scarf in flecktarn, perfect for adding to camouflage, wearing as neckscarf or headwrap. Made of machine washable 100% cotton, and in extra large 100cm2 (approximate) size. Flecktarn on one side, green on reverse.

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What our customers say about this product:

Not a bad scarf, although one thing to bear in mind is it comes as a triangle, not a sqaure that you fold into a triangle. A little thinner than a shemagh, so that may be good in the summer, but not too good if you use it for airsoft. Loving the flecktarn pattern, seeing as I have other flecktarn products it will match perfectly. A nice change from the usual British type camoflage that most of my mates at airsoft wear. Although not bad still prefer the shegmagh. - Submitted by Ryan

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