German Flecktarn Issue Field Parka LXL

German army parka (field jacket) in flecktarn. Ideally suited to go over the basic shirt/trousers uniform as an extra layer for night time, spring, autumn and winter. Made of heavyweight poly-cotton material, similar to the material of the trousers. Features a longer skirt, drawstring waist and hem, integral hood with drawstring. Also has two chest pockets (button down), rank tabs, arm pocket and two zip-up slash pockets on waist. Discreet left and right underarm openings can also be zipped open or closed depending on weather. Opens centrally with zip and button. Can be worn on its own, over a uniform or with a parka liner. Sizes 42in chest (Gr 9), Size 44in chest (Gr 10), Size 46in chest (Gr 11), Size 50in chest (Gr 62).

Available options are: 42 , 42L , 44 , 44L , 46 , 46L , 50 .

large image no1

View of rear of parka with the hood pulled up.

large image no2

Detail of arm pocket. Note the German flags at the top of the shoulder.

large image no3

Detail of zip up slash pockets at waist.

large image no4

Detail of rank tab, side of hood, showing drawstring and partial view of button and zip central opening. Also shown is the velcro name tape patch.

large image no5

View of chest area of parka, showing the two expandable pockets and the central button and zip opening.

large image no6

Detail of hood, showing its shape when pulled fully over the head. The drawstring and toggles are also shown.

large image no7

Detail of underarm opening, zipped open.

large image no8

View of head and shoulders of parka from the rear.

large image no9

What our customers say about this product:

Brilliant item of clothing. It's hardwearing, comfortable and blends in well in woodland. It is very warm when worn with the issue liner too. Highly recommended. - Submitted by Paul Hardy

I got 2 German parkas in flecktarn camo. I'm tall, so the 42 is long for my arms and goes well with my flecktarn pants and hats. - Submitted by United California Infantry

Although I got mine from another site, it has to be another vote for this parka - in addition to Paul Hardy's points, as a photographer I have found the pockets are all usefully sized too with plenty of room. The only things I would say is that while the jacket is reasonably showerproof, it's not waterproof as standard and if you also get the liner you'll need to allow for it when selecting a jacket size - this would most likely be the next size up. Also, if like me, you're big and tall with long arms, you may well need to consider a larger size still so you get a better fit across the shoulders and a decent arm length - this was what I found in practice. To sum up, I've worn mine + liner in sub-zero conditions for hours on end and have no hesitation in recommending this jacket. A truly excellent bit of kit - so much so, I bought another one... ;) - Submitted by Bob Meldrum