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Flecktarn MilTec KSK Jacket Lightweight

A top piece of kit with full array of features, the KSK assault jacket from MilTec is a best seller in every way. The jacket features fully lined, wired hood with drawstring; bulgy chest and waist pockets on front closed with S95 slotted buttons; bulgy waist pockets on the left hip and right hip closed with S95 slotted buttons; large bulgy rear pocket closed with three S95 slotted buttons; flat arm pocket on left arm closed with S95 slotted button; bulgy field dressing pocket on right arm closed with press stud; nylon reinforced elbows and shoulders; elbows which open to accept padding; long underarm ventilation zip on both left and right arms; velcro cuffs; chunky central zipper closed with wind baffle; wind baffle closing with four S95 slotted buttons; internal waist drawstring; lower hem drawstring with toggle adjuster; zippered dump pockets on left and right chest; zipper for quick access under jacket on the right chest; 25mm loops on rear for insertion of camouflage material. The jacket is made of ripstop material and the elbows and shoulders are reinforced with 600D Nylon. The KSK assault jacket is a favourite with serious operators, outdoors and shooting enthusiasts and wargamers looking for a medium weight loadout because of its ability to distribute many utilities, survival gear and essentials all over the body which would otherwise have to be stored in a separately worn utility pouch or rucksack. Excellent value and attractive jacket without the large price tag.

Available options are: S , M , L , XL .

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large image no1

The jacket with the hood up. The front of the hood is wired.

large image no2

Detailed view of chest pocket. A pen is retained via the internal D-ring.

large image no3

Close up view of the right side dump pocket, the right side zipper for quick access to interior and a partial view of the chunky zip running up the centre.

large image no4

Angled view of the jacket from the rear, showing the tab on the back of the hood for stopping the hood from dropping forward if in a prone position.

large image no5

Close up of the bulgy pocket on the right arm which is useful for FFDs, compasses and other small utilities.

large image no6

The jacket opened to show the waist drawstring and the internal pockets which close with zips.

large image no7

Left side of the jacket showing the document pocket on left arm and the nylon elbow reinforcement which can open to accept padding.

large image no8

There are large under arm zips for ventilation on left and right.

large image no9
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What our customers say about this product:

Having a 44" chest I bought the XL model, which is about 48-49", leaving room inside. Cuff to cuff measures 77", the vertical front (top of main zip down to outside of bottom) about 35". The fabric is 66% poly / 34% cotton, noiseless, chunky but not heavy, with a thicker layer on the shoulders and elbows. 15 pockets, wind and rainproof, looked to be new out of the bag. 20 loops for camouflage material, perfect for ghillies stalking deer. I will use it for rough shooting and hill-walking, and have done two windy hill-walks already with just a shirt on underneath. - Submitted by Irish Pat

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