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Flecktarn Poncho

Ripstop nylon poncho in flecktarn material. This material is internally coated with a waterproofing compound. Overall size is approximately 205cm x 105cm. Poncho features a hood with drawstrings, and all seams inside hood and around collar are taped. Each side of the poncho has three large rivetted holes which allow this poncho to be used as a shelter sheet. Each side of the poncho additionally has four matching push buttons to allow it to enclose the body. Poncho is made of a similar weight material to the British Army DPM basha.

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View of ripstop material, rivetted eyelets and one of the two way push buttons. These are two way as they are positive one one end and negative on the reverse end, allowing several ponchos to be clipped together if required.

large image no2

Another view of the material, this time showing the reverse side of the poncho. This side sits against the body and is coated with waterproofing compound.

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What our customers say about this product:

I needed a new lightweight flecktarn poncho and found it! Five colour pattern: Dark Green, Black, Forest Green, Rust and Sand. It really blends on a forest trail and breaks up a tent outline against a mixed vegetation background. Very little native cover needed for complete invisibility at 8 metres. Ripstop material means you can dirty it up with a clear conscience. Clip two together and most dome tents vanish into the brush. A little shiny when new, but a cold wash in mild detergent mattes it down. - Submitted by Tom Lonie

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