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German Trouser Elastic

Pair of German trouser elastics, worn at the ankle like trouser twists. These are made of bands of 2.5cm wide elastic which can be slipped on, or closed around the ankle with velcro. Olive green colour.

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View of trouser elastics opened, showing the velcro strips for quick closure.

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What our customers say about this product:

As part of my first order with Flecktarn I was disappointed when I received this particular item as they had sent an alternative called "Twists" Trouser Blousers. I bought them to use like flexible cycle clips to keep my trousers neat when putting on and take off the Flecktarn Gore-tex over-trousers that I had also bought. These trouser blousers may in theory do the same job as the ones illustrated however, they are designed to fasten using metal hooks at each end which will eventually snag and hole my trousers when walking. There's not much point sending them back so I'm hoping to find an alternative use for them. This is the only item from my first order that I'm not best pleased with! - Submitted by Robert D

I actually got the proper product - material with velcro strips. I would describe them as trouser blousers as they are thick solid material which will last - not stretchable elastic. Great quality and so much better than the normal trouser twists which cut into your leg after a while. - Submitted by Frank O'Deorain

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