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Flecktarn IdZ LMG Box Magazine Pouch

Pouch for MG4 (HK MG34) box magazine for the German IdZ vest. The pouch measures approximately 16cmx22cmx8cm, and consists of a main body and side pocket. The side pocket holds two German webbing system adapter plates, as the pouch can also be fitted onto the German webbing system. The pouch is constructed from texturised, internally coated Cordura, and is re-inforced along the body with a stiffened layer to provide shape to the pouch for ease of insertion of magazines. This is fully lined with nylon to prevent 'catchpoints' that may interfere with the drawing of the magazines inside. The pouch is attached to the vest using an adaptation similar to the US MOLLE attachment system, with thinner 1cm wide strapping and a semi-rigid tab system to hold the strapping in place. The rear of the pouch is fitted wth 1cm wide cross strapping to enable the main (vertical) strapping to be interwoven onto the vest for better pouch retention. The front of the pouch has an enhanced Spanish type closing system requiring the operator to clip the two fins together before retracting. This helps to prevent content loss even during crawling.

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large image no1

View of rear of pouch. The top webbing can also be fitted with the LKS German webbing adapter plates and worn on webbing.

large image no2

The adapter plates which come with the box magazine pouch.

large image no3
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