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Flecktarn Infantrist der Zukunft IdZ Vest

German 'Infantrist der Zukunft' (IdZ) future infantryman program vest. This is an 'over' vest which is designed to be worn over a body armour vest, although it can also be worn without a body armour vest. The vest consists of a double layer of heavy duty nylon mesh netting on which crosswebbing is mounted on both the horizontal and vertical directions. This allows pouches to be mounted horizontally and vertically, increasing the versatility of the modular design. The cross webbing is made of flecktarn-printed cordura narrow webbing, for strength and durability. The vest is fully adjustable over the shoulder and at both left and right sides. Long velcro panels over the shoulder allow the vest to be adjusted for a range of heights from 5'5 up to 6'6. The left and right adjustment will permit the medium-large vest to be adjusted from a 38 inch chest up to a 48 inch chest, and the xlarge-xxlarge vest to be adjusted from a 42 inch chest up to a 58 inch chest. The body of the vest is long, so as to accommodate riding-up as a result of wearing a bristol body armour, if required. The vest features two large zip-up dump pockets, one each on left and right sides. These are mounted on either side of the zip front without interfering with the operation of the zip front. On the lower front sections of the vest, there are fold-away German webbing plates to accept the addition of pouches from the German webbing system. These are secured up into the vest by velcro when not required. The lower back and sides are adapted to retain the optional hip pad if required.

This is a Special Order item and is subject to the manufacturer's delivery times and may take longer to deliver than our usual advertised times.

Available options are: M-L , XL-XXL .

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large image no1

View of rear of vest.

large image no2

View of the vest, opened, from the interior. Clearly visible are the carrying handle and re-inforced webbing straps, side ajdustment left and right, with quick release buckles, lower back velcro opening flap for attaching the hip pad, and the LKS panels on left and right hip.

large image no3

Another view of the hip panel with holes for the LKS webbing and 1cm wide MOLLE straps for pouches.

large image no4

A closer view of the carrying handle and the highest side adjustment on quick release buckle. The shoulders can adjust for height via velcro.

large image no5
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What our customers say about this product:

A couple of my friends and I bought these vests earlier this year, and overall we are very happy with them. These are originally designed to be worn over the plate-carrier version of the IdZ vest (sadly not available to the general public) which also has IdZ webbing, but it can also be worn over the older style of flak jacket, as pictured above. The webbing can take a lot of abuse, and pouches are held securely in place, without coming loose. Even when crawling on the ground. Much better than the older style webbing or MOLLE. There is a deep pocket on the back of the vest that holds hydration bladders, and also two side pockets on the front for general items like maps, death rags or snack food. The bad points are that it can be a little expensive for some, not compatible with MOLLE, and it's not very comfortable when worn without body armour/flak jacket underneath. As it's not the plate-carrier version it's not 100% authentic if you do reenactment/MilSim. - Submitted by Elling Moen

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