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Flecktarn South African Assault Vest

Flecktarn coloured import version of the popular South African assault vest. Features fully adjustable shoulders and waist, skeleton construction with padded shoulders, back and waist. Internals are constructed with rubberised mesh which adds to the stability of the vest when worn. Pouches are in flecktarn nylon material, closed with velcro and are sized and designed to support a large variety of field uses from storage of a poncho to spare ammunition, cartridges and magazines. Rear pouch is long and narrow and can be made to take a hydration system. An inexpensive all-rounder.

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large image no1

View of interior of vest showing padded areas.

large image no2

View of rear of vest.

large image no3

View of one of the features of this vest: larger pouches can be opened up fully or partially.

large image no4
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What our customers say about this product:

These are an excellent all round vest and great value for money - having just the right combination of pockets to suit every occasion. Me and a few team-mates have invested in these, and despite my usual preference of custom building tactical gear for various purposes I'm very impressed with this pre-fab unit. For starters it's very comfortable, even if you only wear a vest with it, the straps and padding allow only minimal chafing or irritation and really spread the load quite evenly, there are loads of different pockets, suitable for radios, main AEG mags, pistol mags, side pockets can fit odd shaped mags (such as glock or UMP/P90 long mags etc), and a big camera! and the back pockets are excellent for storing a 2 litre CamelBak unit and an extra canteen in I'd highly advise getting the additional hydration kit as it makes running around all day far more tolerable. If you don't need the space for water carriers it can easily take large bags or bottles of pellets, and even canisters of GBB gas - excellent if you're using your gas guns all day and don't fancy a trek back to the safe zone, or an annoying gas can in your trouser pockets The main drawback is obviously the lack of modularity, and in some cases breathability - it can be a bit tiring wearing one all day if it's really hot, but hopefully the you'd have the CamelBak to counter dehydration and keep your back cool at the same time. Another minor issue is that the lower front pockets can be a bit fiddly to use if you have anything like a radio or other large/ rigid object in the upper pockets, as it makes accessing the lower pockets difficult, especially if prone or bending over - Submitted by Stu Mortimer

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