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Flecktarn KSK Vest Moskito

The Moskito Flecktarn vest was one of the first specially designed vests to cope with the needs of the German Army's then newly formed special forces units. Up until the mid-1990s, German Army deployments were generally limited and based purely around home defence, whereupon standard issue field gear was generally considered sufficient to withstand most uses. The gap between standard issue equipment and a purpose designed field load vest was filled by equipment design firms, from which the Moskito vest was produced. The Flecktarn KSK vest 'Moskito' has all the hallmarks of the later KSK vests such as four double ammo pouches in the front which can hold two G36 magazines, two G3 magazines or 3 M16 magazines in each pouch; followed by smoke grenade pouches, one on either side; and utility pouches, also one on either side. The crossdraw holster is also present on the front left at mid-level. The vest is zipped up in the front with a large coated aluminium zipper. The vest is mesh based, with the pouches being made in cordura and mounted on the front. The shoulders are covered with velcro which would originally have been able to take a combination of specially adapted pouches, such as the SEM52 pouch and the triple grenade pouch. The rear of the vest is left free so as not to interfere with wearing of rucksacks or additional hydration bladders. Clips are provided at the bottom hem of the vest for attachment of a leg combination holster. The shoulders are adjustable with velcro and webbing straps, and the sides adjust with webbing straps as well. The sides of the vest also have drop down LKS panels which allow for standard issue pouches to be added to the vest around the hips. This first KSK vest is still the basis of the newer designs and is the basis for many classic field load vests manufactured since. The vest is available in either Flecktarn or Desert Flecktarn by special order.

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Side view of the vest showing the pouches, the shoulder adjustment and shoulder panels. Please note that the new vest will not have pockets on the rear.

large image no2

Close up view of the shoulder velcro panels which can take add-on pouches. Also shown is the top of the crossdraw holster.

large image no3
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