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Flecktarn Etool or Folding Spade Pouch

German Army entrenching tool or folding spade pouch in flecktarn, designed to fit with the LKS system. The pouch holds one standard NATO specification entrenching tool or three-way folding spade. The pouch fully encloses the sides of the tool, rendering the sharp edges safe for storage in a car, off road vehicle, backpack or emergency kit. Pouch dimensions are approximately 27cm tall and 20cm wide, tapering at the bottom to a point with rivetted drainage hole. Also useful for carrying assorted utilities in a grab kit. Spacing of the LKS plates on rear makes the pouch suitable for wear on the upper back of the LKS shoulder harness, or anywhere on the belt. Made of milspec PU coated Cordura nylon with IRR treatment. Lid covers top, front, left and right to enclose the top of the pouch. This is closed with sturdy and secure rapid-opening fastener.

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Rear of pouch showing the LKS plates spaced apart to fit onto the upper back of the LKS harness. The 25mm webbing loop with press button at the bottom then fastens around one of the lower horizontal straps below the LKS harness eyelet plate. The pouch can equally be worn on the LKS belt.

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What our customers say about this product:

Really nice general purpose pouch, for either the intended folding spade or anything else. I use it as a dump pouch for my empty mags when airsofting - works perfectly. The only complaint I have is that due to its somewhat rigid construction when loaded up it can get a bit cumbersome, though I do wear it on my front.
Overall it's a great, versatile addition to your System 95 web gear, especially for such a low price. - Submitted by Dean

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