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German Army Flecktarn 5pc Webbing Set

The German Army LKS system webbing set is a highly reliable, issue load carrying system which offers modular adaptability in the positioning of pouches along the waist, upper back and upper chest areas. The H-straps are skeletal to reduce bulk and weight, and the hip belt is a wide 9cm to provide a stable platform for attachment of the pouches. The pouches that fit with the system come with plastic plates with a flexible 'keyhole insertion' section that secures pouch in place. The shoulder straps have an adjustable chest strap and fix onto the belt at four points. The belt standard size fits Medium-Large, with adjustment in the central buckle strapping down to 84cm and up to 104cm waists. The set comes with three pouches: a large General Purpose kit bag or pouch, an eTool or NATO spade pouch, and a magazine pouch. Dimensions are: General purpose pouch - 25cm x 25cm x 10cm, spade pouch - 26cm x 18cm x 3.5cm, magazine pouch - 15cm x 8.5cm x 6.5cm. Pouches are made of military grade Cordura with internal PU coating and the belt and shoulder straps are made of thick nylon webbing. Spade pouch and magazine pouch open with the Spanish fly system, and the general purpose pouch has two adjustable quick release buckles to secure the lid. This is a great, inexpensive and durable starter kit with organsed space for a variety of different personal load carry requirements. Compatible with the other German LKS system pouches including G36 magazine pouches, radio pouches, FFD pouches, pistol magazine pouches and holsters.

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The rear of the set, showing the rear of the belt, shoulder straps and pouches.

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