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French CCE Winter FELIN Combat Smock

Original French military issue CCE woodland camo winter revision combat smock 'FELIN' . FELIN is the French advanced infantry integrated equipment and communication system developed and rolled out between 2010 and 2015. The smock is made from medium-lightweight cotton-poly twill or herringbone fabric, and features: chest slash pockets closed with zip, two large hip bellows pockets with slotted buttons, large seat pocket with three slotted buttons subdivided into compartments, side zipper access to seat pocket, upper arm pockets. A comms retaining loop with velcro is located under the right side of the collar. The combat jacket closes with a central chunky zipper, reinforced with a baffle. The waist has an internally adjusted drawstring and the hem also has an adjustable drawstring. Cuffs are closed with velcro and have a baffle to prevent draughts or insects from entering through the cuff slit. Arm pockets are faces with velcro. The collar can be retained upright on the neck with small velcro tabs. Large, shaped elbow reinforcement patches made from silent polyester open with velcro to accept padding and can be strapped tighter on the forearm to reduce interference when supporting a firearm. Under the arms, long double zip ventilation openings are provided from bicep to mid-rib positions. The ventilation openings are mesh lined to prevent or reduce insect ingress. The upper back has expansion pleats on left and right. The jacket fabric was originally treated with anti-mosquito lining, but this is not guaranteed as these items are used and will have been through several wash cycles. The back of the jacket is not lined. CCE camouflage is printed on dark grey, and colour fading on used items is approximately 25-30%. Minor repairs may be present. Sizes available are 88cm chest (approximately 34-35in), 96cm chest (approximately 38-39in chest), 104cm chest (approximately 41-42in chest) and 112cm chest (approximately 44in chest).

Available options are: 34 , 38 , 41 , 44 .

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large image no1

The collar raised to keep out draughts.

large image no2

The left side of the arm, showing the arm pocket, shaped arm reinforcement and strap. Also visible is the chest and hip pocket on the front.

large image no3

Angled view of the left side of the jacket, with the velco opening for the arm padding shown. The seat pocket is also visible.

large image no4

The rear of the jacket, showing the pleated upper back. The expansions are held across the back with an elastic.

large image no5

Right sleeve showing the arm pocket and arm reinforcement. Also shown is the velcro cuff.

large image no6

The front of the jacket from the right side, showing the chest slash pocket.

large image no7

Inside the jacket, there is an inside pocket on the left chest.

large image no8

The chest pocket, unzipped. These are positioned for access when body armour is worn over the front.

large image no9

The underarms can be unzipped for ventilation.

large image no10

There is an elastic loop located inside the arm pocket.

large image no11

The hip pockets have dividers inside for organising items within.

large image no12
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