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Italian Forces Vegetato Tactical Vest

The genuine Italian Forces tactical or combat vest is a high specification vest with Vegetato camo pockets mounted on a highly ventilated nylon mesh. The load capability of the vest includes three utility pockets on right waist, three magazine pockets suitable for M4 or G3 magazines on left waist, two single magazine pockets on right chest, one single utility or pistol magazine pocket on right front, one large smoke canister or utility pocket and separate military radio pocket on left chest. Behind the pouch set are large dump pockets left and right which open with velcro. Internally, there is a document or notepad pocket on the right side. The vest closes on the front with three 25mm quick release buckles and adjusts over the shoulders with velcro and two 25mm straps per padded shoulder. The rear is adjusted with three 25mm straps on each side, and the mesh back can also be compressed if required. The vest is deliberately wider on the waist in order to accommodate wearing of Bristol armour underneath the vest. The rear is supported with heavy duty 25mm strapping laid out across all the load stress zones. and also has a carry handle strap which is secured down with velcro to prevent snagging. The inside of the vest has mounting points for a belt to be worn inside to reduce side to side riding. There are 6 D-rings placed at strategic places: one on each shoulder (attachment points for slings or lanyards), one on the left and one on the right sides at the bottom of the vest (attachment points for lanyards or leg strapping) and two at the bottom of the mesh back (attachment return point for leg strapping). If 25mm strapping is threaded to go from side point, under the crotch, to the rear mesh on both sides, the vest carry handle can be used as a drag handle to pull wounded personnel quickly out of danger. Pouch material is made of internally PU coated cordura, and the magazine pockets on the left waist are all double ply for reinforcement. This battle vest offers excellent load organisation for field and tactical use and is an excellent complement to the Vegetato temperate camouflage pattern.

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large image no1

Left side view of vest.

large image no2

The rear of the vest.

large image no3

Right side view of vest. This vest shows a velcro-on name tape in the name tape space. A velcro panel is present on the right chest.

large image no4

The pockets close with quick release buckle and silenceable velcro.

large image no5

The magazine pocket is deep enough to hold three M4 magazines. It closes with a quick release buckle and silenceable velcro.

large image no6

The inside of the vest is mesh-based.

large image no7
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