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Multi VCam Viper Tactical Rigger Belt

The VCam multi terrain compatible Viper tactical rigger belt is an enhanced trouser belt of 45mm wide nylon webbing, covered over its full length with Viper VCam camo and, fitted with a tan poweder coated metal roll pin self-tensioning buckle secured with hook and loop along half the length of the belt. The body side of the belt has full length loop attached so that it can be securely fixed to trouser waist bands fitted with hook panels, preventing riding of the belt under the trouser belt loops. The belt length is fully adjustable up to 40 inches. Next to the buckle is a tan powder coated metal carabiner attachment point which is stowed when not required with a loop of webbing secured with hook and loop. The belt is two layer nylon, secured at its length with 5 stitch lines. The buckle and attachment point is secured with 12 lines of stitching and 7 vertically aligned lines. This style of trouser belt was useful for operatives who wished to have a permanently available emergency attachment point for carabiners to allow for quick extraction. Please note that this belt has not been safety tested, and should not be used as a substitute for safety harness.

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