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British MTP Osprey Mk4 Vest w Belt and Cummerbund

Used British Army Osprey Mk4 Armour Carrier in MTP camouflage, including MTP waist belt and Cummerbund. The armour carrier is the current issue for patrol. The used Osprey features an all Cordura shell in MTP, MTP 25mm narrow webbing for mounting MOLLE pouches, left and right rubberised shoulder pads with anti-slip ribs to prevent the rifle slipping off the shoulder, deep ribbed internal lining to help channel away heat and moisture. The vest closes around the body with large panels of velcro on left, right and over the shoulders. The shoulders also clip down with two press studs per shoulder. Press studs are offered for some of the additional armour panels for shoulders (not included). A carry handle is located on the upper back of the vest. The vest is fully detachable into front and rear panels. Cummerbund provides additional side and front MOLLE coverage and provides space for a plate pocket on the side. The cummerbund attaches to the vest with MOLLE and can be removed if not required. Two quick release clips on the front help to reinforce the velcro panel. The belt fits through the loops inside the vest on the lower back. This provides extra stability around the waist area for the vest. Armour panels are not included. Sizes available are: S (170/100), SW (170/112), MR (180/104), ML (190/108), L (180/116), LL (200/116), XL (190/120), XXL (200/124).

Available options are: S , SW , M , ML , L , LL , XL , XXL .

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large image no1

Rear view of vest with cummerbund attached.

large image no2

The front of the vest with the sides open to show the waist belt around the front.

large image no3

The vest without a cummerbund has exposed velcro on the front. Shown with MTP shirt (not included).

large image no4

The cummerbund on its own.

large image no5

A side view of the cummerbund showing the pocket for side plate.

large image no6

The interior of the cummerbund with the MOLLE loops for attaching to the vest and the velcro panel.

large image no7

The waist belt on its own. This is fed through belt loops on the inside of the rear vest panel.

large image no8

The reverse view of the belt.

large image no9
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