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Multicam Wyvern Under Armour Yoke

The Wyvern Vista Pattern under armour yoke is a shoulder harness which is based on the British PLCE main yoke. This is designed to be worn under the Osprey armour to provide attachment points for the Wyvern Pegasus system. It can also be used any other webbing belt kit which has been fitted 25mm plastic slide adjusters for attachment of the yoke straps. Like the PLCE main yoke, the under armour yoke has six straps to provide front left and right shoulder, rear left and right back, and rear left and right side points. This provides a more stable system than standard three or four point systems. The face of the yoke is made in Vista milspec cordura, and the upper back is made from heavy duty milspec mesh fabric in tan colour. Straps are coyote brown, made of milspec Cordura webbing. The yoke is lightweight as it does not have the foam sections which would create pressure points when worn under armour, unlike the standard PLCE yoke which is designed to go over armour as a top layer. All plastic furniture has been stripped from this yoke to reduce any additional pressure points when worn under armour. The Wyvern under armour yoke as an excellent solution to the problem of riding and side to side swing of a belt kit and is highly recommend for wear with the Pegasus belt order system. Good match with Multicam and MTP

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Rear view of the yoke. The yoke and straps are designed for use with British PLCE webbing, but more specifically the multicam Pegasus system.

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Front view of the yoke. The straps are quite long, allowing for use with both British PLCE webbing and its intended use, with the multicam Pegasus system.

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