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TT Multicam Wearable ID Wallet

The TT Multicam wearable ID wallet is a 28x14.5cm panel which is designed to be worn around the neck or placed in the chest or leg pocket. The wallet is designed to be flat, but is large enough to take a small notepad in the main compartment. Sewn in front of the compartment is a large window which can be used to display ID. The large compartment and window are secured with a velcro fastened lid which has a name tape loop strip on the front. The top of the lid has a small zip pocket which is useful for storing keys, cash, change and other items. A neck strap with adjustable toggle is mounted on the ends and can be used to wear the pouch around the neck or put away inside the main compartment if the pouch is to be placed in the pocket. It can also help to secure the pouch to a belt loop or carabiner in the leg pocket to prevent loss. The entire pouch is a neat way of organising essentials which would normally be worn around the neck separately, such as ID, and integrating it with basic storage capability to eliminate the need for a separate wallet or admin panel. Made of genuine Crye 1200D Cordura.

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large image no1

The window of the wallet which is displaying the tag.

large image no2

The main compartment of the wallet which is large enough to hold a notepad, pen or other item.

large image no3

The top of the lid has its own zip pocket. A strip of loop velcro is provided for name tapes or similar insignia. Money not included in sale!

large image no4

The back of the pouch is plain to reduce weight and profile.

large image no5
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