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Cobra D125 Gen 1+ Merlin NV Goggle

The D125 "Merlin" night vision goggle is a generation 1+ optic which replaces our highly popular D3MK (also known as Rigel 3300) entry level night vision monocular. The Merlin D125 utilises an enhanced, new model, Generation 1 tube to intensify the ambient infrared (IR) light available in a low light environment. The Merlin D125 is a feature packed unit which includes the following: Integral variable flood-spot IR illuminator which is designed to be operated separately where required to produce an active light source if conditions reach almost total darkness. A faint glow may become visible from the illuminator and the IR light itself is clearly visible to anyone else equipped with a night scope. Integral light sensitive photo-cell safety system that will prevent the unit from powering up if the ambient light is bright enough to damage the tubes, or will switch off the unit if the unit comes into contact with bright light. As the Merlin D125 optic uses a Generation 1 tube, the unit remains operational for approximately one minute after switch-off, and immediate action should still be taken to replace the lens covers. Designed to be used hands-free with the help of the headset supplied. The unit can be switched from right to left eye with the aid of the supplied adapter bracket. Compact and lightweight design is one of the best of the currently available Generation 1+ monoculars at only 0.5kg including the headset. If the headset is not required, it may be carried as a lightweight spotting scope with the aid of the built-in rubberised grip-panel. Rugged shock resistant aircraft aluminium alloy chassis which is damp-proof, shower-resistant, dust-resistant and durable. Designed to be easily converted to a 4.0x, 5.0x or 6.0x monocular with optional lenses which are available to buy separately. Optic will operate for a continuous 36 hours on battery power. This time will diminish if the built-in IR illuminator is used. Dimensions: 136 x 70x 47mm Eyepiece: +/- 4 dioptres Weight: 0.5kg including headset IR Illuminator: Built-in, focusable flood-spot Objective Lens: 1x 26mm f1.4 Battery: 2x LR1/MN9100/Type N 1.5V Alkaline Magnification: 1.0x (26mm) Temperature Range: -20C to +40C Field of View: 40 degrees (26mm) Humidity: 80% RH@ +20C Focusing: 0.25m (26mm) to infinity Guarantee: 1 Year exchange Due to Royal Mail losing products, this item will only ship by Special Delivery and will incur the Special Delivery shipping charge.

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Monocular on its own.

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